Monday, May 30, 2005

Beating the Odds

I guess this year was the year to beat the odds. First the Miluakee Bucks beat out the Atlanta Hawks for the number one draft pick in the draft lottery. That is despite the Hawks having a 25% chance of getting the number pick, which happened to be the best chance for any team.

Then there is your Trail Blazers who beat the odds themselves by receiving the number 3 pick overall and the 35th pick as well. So stay tuned, you loyal T’blazer fans, to see who the Trail Blazers pick when draft day comes around on the 28th of June.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Several Questions

Just wondering how many you Trailblazer fans out there are really Trailblazer fans? How many of your fans jumped off the band wagon because of the Trailblazer had a bad season, and for those of you loyal enough to follow this team all season, when did you become T’blazer fans? How did you become T’blazer fans? And why did you become a T’blazer fan?

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Good news in Portland, the team has decided to use there option to give General Manager John Nash an extension on his contract. John Nash will continue to be the sixth GM in T'’Blazers franchise history. Nash'’s job oversees the all the day-to-day basketball operations and most importantly he is responsible for all player personnel decisions, so that means trades, draft picks, and free agents.
“"We are very pleased to announce that John Nash will continue to be the General Manager of the Trail Blazers organization. In his role, John is the chief architect of our club. We recognize that this is a very important off-season for our franchise and John gives us the continuity that will help us achieve the vision for our basketball team." - team President Steve Patterson

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

O yeah!

The 2005-2006 BlazerDancer tryouts are here!

Tryouts will be held June 11 and June 12 and the finals will be June 18. Dancer audition prelims will take place at Camas High School, in the gymnasium. The finals will also take place at Camas High School, in the auditorium.

A BlazerDancer audition clinic will also be available for those who would like to attend and costs $15. The clinic will take place on June 4, also at Camas High School, in the dance room.

Come on ladies we need the best dancers and prettiest girls out there representing the city of Portland.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Sebastian Telfair’s Movie Debut

from the official site of the Portland Trail Blazers
On Thursday, April 21, Sebastian Telfair made his film debut in the movie, Through the Fire. The movie was directed by Jonathon Hock and premiered at Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film Festival in New York. "It was such a wonderful experience. And to have my name mentioned with Robert DeNiro and this film festival is overwhelming!" said Telfair.

Through the Fire focuses on Telfair's senior year of high school and the pressures he endured in deciding to go to college or try to play professional basketball. On the Tribeca Film Festival website, Through the Fire is summarized as:

At the start of his senior year at Lincoln High School, basketball phenomenon (and cousin to Knicks star Stephon Marbury) Sebastian Telfair calls a press conference to announce his decision to attend college at the end of the year. He does this as his friend, fellow teen phenom LeBron James, is making history with a $90 million dollar sneaker deal. But after two young men are gunned down outside Telfair's apartment in a public housing project, Sebastian can't suppress his urge to provide a better life for his family as soon as he can, and he decides to forgo college and go straight to the pros.

Five years earlier, his older brother, Jamel, a Providence College basketball star who also hoped of being drafted saw that dream deferred when no NBA team picked him. The aftermath left their mother Erica heartbroken and forced a devastated Jamel to play overseas in obscurity. Now it is up to Sebastian to set things right for their mother, for Jamel, and for his eight other brothers and sisters. And everyone – from the media to the NBA scouts to his basketball coach – all try claim a piece of him for themselves.

With Sebastian’s story as focal point, Through The Fire provides a provocative and intimate look at the American phenomenon that ushers poor children past the traditional means of upward mobility for the win-it-all/lose-it-all gamble of professional sports, a culture that can often push these young men to greatness, or drive them to ruin.