Sunday, June 25, 2006

Losing respect for the NBA’s unbiased system of play regulation.

The Dallas Mavericks did not win in the NBA Finals. I am not upset because they really aren’t my team but I don’t think they got a fair shake from the NBA officials. It was tough to watch such a talented team fall victim to such an inexplicable paradox. I can’t say if the officials were making errors but it sure looked that way to me and many others.

Either way the Miami Heat played well and deserved the Championship just as much as the Dallas Mavericks. I just would have liked to see a battle between the two teams and not the Mavs versus the NBA officials. It is always a shame when they let foul calling rise to the top of the priority list and become the deciding factor in a game between well matched opponents. That’s not real basketball. And it is certainly not Finals basketball. The Heat were allowed to bloody other players and physically dominate the court with little accountability. The Mavericks were not afforded the same breathing room or respect.